Add New Beacon

Add new Beacon against App.


key must be sent with all client requests. The api_key (key) helps the server to validate the request source.

Parameter Values Description
key string API Key for Demo App: M19fV2F0Y2hJdA==
uuid string UUID of beacon normally available at the back of the beacon
site_id integer Beacon Site ID. You can get the full list of sites using Get Sites API call.
name string Name / Title of your beacon.
details string You can add some details about beacons such as what kind of Notification will be assigned etc.
location string Details about its location such as where it is located, in clothing area, mens shoes area etc.
msb_minor string Minor value of beacon. The minor value mostly available at the back of beacon.
msb_major string Major value of beacon. The major value mostly available at the back of beacon.
msb_mac_address string MAC Address of beacon.
msb_txpower string It is used to show the battery power of beacon in percentage (%)
API Live Test URL


Status Response


"status": 1,

"message": "Beacon Added"