Add New Site

Add new site against the App.


key must be sent with all client requests. The api_key (key) helps the server to validate the request source..

Parameter Values Description
key string API Key for Demo App: M19fV2F0Y2hJdA==
site_title string Name / Title of physical site such as ABC Store etc.
site_details string Some details about the site. It will not display to app users.
site_phone string Phone / Contact number where you can contact if needed
site_mobile string Mobile number of site owner or any person in case you need to contact them
site_address string Full Address of the site where it is located
site_city string Name if city, it is the part of address
site_state string State / Province where the site is located
site_pcode string Postal / Zip Code
country_id integer Country ID. You can get the list of countries using the Get Countries API call
userID integer User ID of the user who is logged in and going to add the record
API Live Test URL


Status Response


"status": 1,

"message": "Site Added"